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Three reasons why you should invest in better office coffee

It's time to switch to a specialty office coffee supplier.

Want to increase morale, productivity and success in your office, while supporting local businesses and global farming communities?

Offering hand-roasted specialty coffee to your team is a simple and affordable touch that can have a huge positive impact. Here's how:

Work perks work

We all want to work somewhere we love, right? And we all love getting rewarded for our hard work. When you show your staff you appreciate and value them you create a more happy and productive environment that people love to work in. 

When 61% of employees associate good quality coffee options with their company caring about their wellbeing, choosing the right office coffee supplier suddenly looks a whole lot more important!

Show your staff some love. Did you know that happy employees are 12% more productive at work?

Invest in coffee breaks

Investing in coffee breaks can actually improve your team's overall productivity, not only because it encourages more positive interactions in the office but also because it is an investment in building your company's culture. When 40% of workers claim to have had their most productive ideas while drinking coffee it seems a no-brainer to invest in your coffee-making spaces. 

Culture drives performance. Companies with strong cultures see a 4x increase in revenue growth.

Choose coffee that matters

Choosing to drink ethically traded and eco friendly coffee is a small change that can make a real and positive impact for the people who grow it as well as for your colleagues and clients who drink it. 

We can help you tell your staff how drinking Volcano Coffee Works coffee supports the people who grow it, and aids communities closer to home too through our partnership with Crisis. We can help you tell your staff how drinking Volcano coffee reduces plastic waste, and how we're constantly working to minimise our footprint.

Let's work together, because ethically traded coffee is better for everyone. 

Volcano Coffee Works office coffee technivorm

Volcano Coffee Works will help you serve the best specialty wholesale coffee in your office, roasted locally in South London.

We can sort you out with freshly roasted coffee beans and eco coffee pods, as well as equipment and support. 

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