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Ethically Better Coffee

Better livelihoods are only possible when farmers have reliable and profitable businesses. So we pay more per kilo on long term fixed price buying contracts to farms who invest in the future success of their communities.

Together, this is Ethically Traded Coffee at Volcano. 

We could buy coffees on the openly traded market, from unknown farms, based purely on the cheapest price for the quality and flavour. But we don’t. We believe in complete Supply Transparency, and supporting farmers who share our ethical commitments.

We believe that better livelihoods are possible when farmers have reliable and profitable businesses, so we ensure they: 

  • Earn more per kilo of coffee – we pay on average double that of Commodity Coffee (C Market) and Fair Trade.
  • Earn more income per harvest - we buy more of their crop that meets our (and your) standards, at our higher prices, plus help them improve farming practices to deliver greater yields.
  • Have the security of sustainable, recurring income - we put in place long term buying contracts and fixed prices, absorbing the external variables like currency fluctuations. 

We only buy from farmers who understand their impact: 

  • Support the environment - farmers who produce exceptional coffee AND re-use waste to generate fuel, control pests without pesticides, re-use dormant land rather than virgin forest.
  • Invest in the future - farmers who support social projects in education, micro-financing and who promote flexible working practices allowing women to enter the work place. 

Read about our three ethical pillars here.

Read about our buying policies here.

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