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Taste Guarantee

If you don't love the taste of our coffee, we'll offer you a replacement of your choice or your money back.*

Flavours That Get Fan Mail

Flavours That Get Fan Mail

What happens when a chef starts experimenting with coffee flavours? The answer is: Volcano Coffee Works.

Years spent in the kitchen gave Kurt a different perspective — or even an unfair advantage, some would say. Coming from the culinary world, he is forever fascinated by coffee’s incredible depth of flavour and all the opportunities to combine, layer and blend coffees to create a landscape of flavour much like a sauce, a meal, or a wine. Serving a cup that makes someone stop in their tracks is the best feeling — and we never grow tired of hearing from the fans of The Mount Blend or our decaf.

5 million cups of Volcano coffee are downed, sipped, savoured, or otherwise enjoyed every year.
Our Taste Guarantee

Our Taste Guarantee

We're so confident you'll love our coffee that if it's your first time trying a 200g bag coffee and you don't like it just reach out to our team and we'll either advise on brewing method, offer a replacement of your choice for free or refund your order*.


T&C's: Our Taste Guarantee is available to anyone trying one of our 200g bags of coffee for the first time. We want you to experience the flavours of our coffee as you should so our team will also be able to advise on how to best brew your coffee and what you are likely to enjoy most based on your preferences. Refund requests will exclude shipping costs.

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