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Carbon Neutral

With ethics and sustainability at the core of our business since launching in 2010, being recognised as a carbon neutral company felt natural.

We care about the planet so much we almost stopped making coffee.

Emma Loisel, our co-founder and Chair, reflects on the pivotal moment where she almost closed the company.

For the full thought piece read here.

How we have done it

We have partnered with Carbon Analyticsto measure our carbon footprint because they include a lot of Scope 3 costs in their calculations, this felt better to us. Natural Capital Partnershave invested our carbon credits for us, we chose to buy credits that protect virgin rainforest in Colombia. We could have bought carbon credits at half the price, butinvesting back to where our coffees come from is important to us, it closes the loop. Meaning our investment helps protect the environment which our coffee farmers depend upon. 

This Is Just The Beginning

Becoming a Carbon Neutral Company doesn’t stop here.  Next, we will be working to get our products certified as Carbon Neutral too, this is next level!   

In addition, we will continue to work to reduce our business’ carbon footprint.  We’re switching to Carbon Neutral suppliers, buying from Companies that actively measure and reduce their C02, and are finding ways we can work differently in more carbon efficient ways, reducing the carbon we produce from our operations bit by bit. 

We have to admit that getting our heads around all of this have taken a lot of time and investment.  If you want to know more about how and what we have done, then please get in touch.  We are very proud of becoming a Carbon Neutral Company, but if we can help other businesses join us, that will be the real icing on the cake!   

And this is just the beginning; we have also just become B-corp certified and we want more businesses (coffee industry & beyond!) to join us in becoming more sustainable. 

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