Now Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral

Volcano Coffee Works Coffee Is Now Carbon Neutral 

With ethics and sustainability at the core of our business since launching in 2010, being recognised as a carbon neutral company felt natural. This year, for World Coffee Day, we reflect on our journey to carbon neutral and why more companies in the coffee industry should be reviewing their environmental impact too. 

We care about the planet so much we almost stopped making coffee.

Emma Loisel, our co-founder and Chair, reflects on the pivotal moment where she almost closed the company.

For the full thought piece read here

This is just the beginning

Becoming carbon neutral means we are actively supporting carbon positive initiatives to offset our business carbon footprint. As part of this process, we will be sharing our C02 tonnage (so you can see how we are making progress), publishing our list of Carbon Neutral Suppliers, and working to reduce the carbon we produce from our operations bit by bit.

And this is just the beginning; we are also in the process of becoming B-corp certified and we want more businesses (coffee industry & beyond!) to join us in becoming more sustainable.

Our 2020 Coffee Report

Our research looks into the changing views on ethical coffee and the impacts of Covid-19 on coffee consumption and independent coffee businesses. See some of our findings here.

Order Carbon Neutral Coffee

We can assure you that none of our coffee we will have a net-negative environmental impact on the planet but we also thought it'd be fun to double up with a limited edition too. 

This month's limited edition coffee comes from a completely carbon neutral farm in Costa Rica and is available to buy now. To order & to find out more click here

Carbon neutral coffee