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Our Commitments


We are proud to announce that we are now a Certified B Corporation®. We join a global network of 4,000 brilliant businesses with a unified mission to use business as a force for good; for people and the planet.We started our application last year in March during which 5 key impact areas of our business’ operations have been assessed; Governance,Workers, Community, Environment and Customers. The certification process is rigorous, and to qualify we had to provide evidence of socially and environmentally responsible practices relating to energy supplies, waste and water use, worker compensation, diversity and corporate transparency. Achieving the certification was a huge milestone for us and a confirmation of all the hard work we have been putting in to be a better business. The work doesn’t of course stop there; as we are now part of this global community, we will continue to be transparent, make improvements to all aspects of our business and be held accountable.

How we got there

Our commitments to the areas of sustainability, ethical practices and community over the past few years helped us to be recognised as a B-Corporation. 



We became a Carbon Neutral Company in 2020. We aren’t going to kid ourselves that getting great coffee to our customers doesn’t generate a lot of carbon so this was something that was important to us as a business. We are also moving our supplier purchasing to Carbon Neutral companies, like our 100% renewable energy supplier.

  • Our state of the art Loring coffee roasters use 80% less gas and are smokeless, so we don’t fill the air around Brixton with smoke. 
  • All our bags of coffee, 200g & 1kg are now 100% recyclable. Our nespresso compatible coffee pods are fully compostable.
  • We pack our wholesale customer’s coffee in larger bags, saving over 150kgs of plastic each year – how much is that? That’s enough to make aplastic bag large enough to cover greater London.
  • We recycle whenever we can and work with our suppliers to help their products we’ve sold to our customers come back to get safely recycled.
  • Our café charges no extra to customers that drink their coffees with Alt Milk because these milks generate during their production 3.5 times less CO2 than cow milk. Everyone should drink coffee how they like it, but by making Alt Milks cheaper, we are rewarding those who choose a drink with a smaller eco footprint. That feels fair to us.


Ethically Traded

We believe in complete Supply Transparency, and supporting farmers who share our ethical commitments. We believe that better livelihoods are possible when farmers have reliable and profitable businesses.


People & Community

‘We exist because everyone deserves a fair shot.’

Opportunity in this world, and in particular the coffee industry, is too often afforded to the few and denied the many. We believe everyone deserves a fair shot, and refuse to overlook the value in each individual and their ability to enact positive change. People are at the heart of what we do. From our farmers at origin to our suppliers and to our team at the roastery; we believe in fairness and striving for better for people across every touch point of our business. We are a London Living wage employer which means we have a higher rate of base pay across all positions. We’re a bit cycling mad, so much so that we have sponsored the Herne Hill Velodrome and HHYCC for the last 7 years. But we also want our people to be on two wheels, so both of our sites have showers, secure bike racks and bike pumps for everyone to use. They can also get help buying their bike via our Company Bike Scheme. Each week lunch supplies arrive in the kitchen, which means everyone can make lunch together, but also helps reduce take away food packaging.

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