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Buy Cold Brew Coffee On Tap at home (New for 2019)

Volcano Coffee Works’ Cold Brew Coffee On Tap: not just for cafes

These mighty 10l boxes of Cold Brew Coffee On Tap aren't just for cafes - now you can get your hands on a box too, to share with friends, treat your colleagues at work, or throw a party! 

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Cold Brew Coffee Charlie Mckay


Cold Brew Coffee On Tap is 100% pure black coffee, directly traded from the farms of the Minasul cooperative in Brazil and brewed in cold water for 16 hours to develop a consistently smooth and naturally sweet flavour.

Cold Brew Coffee On Tap is ready to drink, no dilution necessary. Serve over ice, mix into cocktails, or drink straight from the fridge.

These boxes have a 12 month shelf life (unopened); once open use within 2 weeks.


Cold Brew Coffee On Tap is brewed by UK-based cold brew specialists Solo Coffee, who spent three years developing their cold brewing process. Have a taste, they’ve turned out something quite special.

Ordering more than one box? Get in touch to find out about wholesale cold brew, coffee and services.

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