Volcano Coffee Works was founded in 2010 by master-roaster, Kurt. Based in the Roastery in Brixton, Volcano now works with 20 passionate, committed people, each of whom shares a vision of bringing you the best coffee from around the world.

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I'm Kurt. I've been roasting coffee for 13 years and I'll never stop! I hand roast the coffee at Volcano in small batches to showcase the infinite complexities of taste that exist in the world of coffee!

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Managing Director

I'm Alex. My expertise is building teams of passionate people so we can all realise our goal and share better coffee with the world!

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Emma Liosel


I'm Emma and I keep everyone inline.

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Customer Manager

I'm Sarah! I'm here to make sure all of our customers have the best Volcano experience all of the time!

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Product Development

I'm Nick and I'm responsible for all of the product development. This means innovating with new coffees and technologies to make sure our pods are both the best tasting and best for the environment

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Chris and Ashlee

Operations Managers

We're Chris and Ashlee and we make sure you're coffee arrives fresh and on time every time!

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Head of Roasting

I'm James and I source the Volcano coffees from all around the world. Obviously taste comes first but I also make sure that we're always paying above the fair trade price and always supporting initiatives that benefit farming communities.

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Head of Sales

I’m Myles and I’m here to help with whatever your goals are! I’ll always listen first to understand how we can deliver the support you need, so we grow, together! 

Coffee is grown all around the world, often by small farmers living on the edge. We are committed to working with these farmers and their coffee-growing communities to increase the quality and hence the value of their product. At the same time, we only work with partners and importers who actively engage in promoting sustainability and community-based improvements.

It takes many more hands to produce small batch, speciality coffee than it does to turn out commodity coffee, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.