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Volcano Coffee Works is a company born from a belief that everyone should be able to enjoy a taste of independent cafe coffee at home. Sourced, roasted and made with a fiercely indepenent attitude, from our home in Brixton.

We have direct relationships with our farmers and pay fairly

We source and roast the best beans through direct relationships with farmers – we care about quality, and it helps that our Director of Coffee Nick Mabey is one of the best Q graders in the country.

We pay 25-100% more than fairtrade pricing

We care about the coffee industry and the planet

We are everything you would expect from a company that cares about coffee and the world we live in – we are B Corp, Carbon Neutral and our new coffee pods are 100% home compostable.

We are investing in programmes to protect the future of the coffee industry

Profits from Volcano coffee are funding an agroforestry project in Brazil in partnership with the University of Brazil and the government to find more s

ustainable ways of growing coffee after the devastating frosts last year.

Our coffee wins awards

Our coffee is award winning, with 7 Great Taste awards across our products, 2 of those being 3-star. 

And so do our team..

Nick, the Director of coffee and co-founder of our sister brand Assembly is a top Q-grader and roasting champion 

Claire is UKBC champion 2022

Alessandro is a UK Latte Art Champion 

Want to visit?

Come and say hi – we always love to meet you and introduce you to our different blends. Come and visit us at our roastery – 244 Ferndale Road, Brixton


You will receive commission every time a visitor to your website buys our products. The commission is generally based on the type of affiliate you are, and we are open to increasing commission in exchange for increased exposure.

Joining is FREE, all you need to do is put a link on your website to ours.

What do you get:

  • Earn commission on every sale (up to 15%)
  • 30-day cookie period
  • 26-day payment time
  • Average order value of around £19
  • Personalized creative on request
  • Potential to earn bonuses with increased exposure and sales
  • Exclusive time-limited offers for your followers and readers

Who can join?

Anyone can work with us within reason, we have the right to decline or suspend publishers who do not adhere to our terms and conditions. Your website must be compatible with the Volcano Coffee Works brand, its identity and values and our product types. You also are not permitted to use or bid on any of our brand terms. Full T&C’s can be found in AWIN.

How do I join?

  1. You apply to join our programme. Simply type in Volcano Coffee Works or ID 21812.


  1. We invite you to join our programme. Simply send us your publisher ID and we will invite you. Please contact
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