Environmentally Better

Volcano Coffee is about so much more than the liquid in your cup. We're on a mission to introduce the world to coffee that is better tasting, better for the environment and better for the farming communities!

In April 2017 we tackled the problem of coffee pod waste head-on when we released our 100% biodegradable and fully compostable coffee pods.

Coffee pod technology has made drinking great coffee at home even easier, but traditional pods made from plastic and aluminium can be less than convenient when it comes to throwing them away. Plastic pods take a ridiculous 500 years to break down, while aluminium pods aren’t much better, taking around 150 years!

Most recyclable pods are a mix of plastic and aluminium, combined with the dregs of the coffee, which means that most recycling plants won’t accept them unless they are first completely disassembled and washed.

Our coffee pod capsules, lids and bag packaging are made from 100% compostable, 100% bio-based cornstarch material.

This material releases significantly less environmentally harmful byproducts during production than aluminium or plastic. It is a completely renewable resource, and breaks down in just 90 days in the industrial composting system!