Coffee in Your Office

Volcano Coffee Works pouring technivorm coffee in the office

Volcano Coffee Works can help you serve the best independent, ethically traded wholesale coffee in your office.

We can sort you out with coffee beans and eco coffee pods, as well as equipment and support. 

You work too hard to drink bad coffee!

Our bags of ethically traded coffee beans and 100% compostable, Nespresso-compatible eco coffee pods are suitable for your office, whether it has espresso, bean-to-cup, filter or coffee pod machines.

We can help you pick out the right equipment to suit your needs (to buy or lease), and high-quality coffee to match. We can advise on how to construct a brew bar from scratch in your office, and even help you set up a private barista station if you need one.

We offer you special rates when you order over 6kgs or 300 pods, including free shipping. Hosting a coffee morning or special event? Just let us know! And if you’re having a party, we can offer you something a bit stronger...

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Treat colleagues and clients to ethically traded coffee, roasted in South London.

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Our Customers

Listen to what some of our customers have to say


'Volcano sent over some tasters which the team loved, so we decided to switch our provider. Now we get through the beans twice as fast as we used to because the coffee tastes so good!'

Catherine, Office Manager, Skimlinks

'Supplying our staff with Volcano coffee is a huge perk. Everyone loves it! They’re easy to work with, make ordering beans a piece of cake and it’s great to support a local business.'

Laura, People Ops Lead, Akkroo

'We were eager to ensure our coffee was as exceptional as our beer, and also to work with a passionate local business. Volcano fit the bill!'

Steve, Manager, Battersea Brewery