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Barista Masterclasses

Find out how to brew like an expert barista, how to make coffee that tastes the absolute best it can, and then take those skills back to your family and friends to spread the love.


Our Masterclasses, held in our Brixton Roastery, are a fantastic way to spend a Saturday among friends old and new (that’s us, by the way). Making great coffee is a science, for sure – the water and the milk need to be the right temperature, the beans ground the right way, the cup tilted just so … but more than that, coffee is an art. Science never smells as good as our masterclasses do, trust us.

The classes give you the chance to learn from award winning and championship level Baristas (yes – there are Barista championships). It’s not just about learning to make great coffee, it’s about learning to taste and enjoy it. It’s less of a coffee class and more of a coffee celebration.

What's included?

  • As much coffee as you can drink during the class
  • Complimentary 200g of our bestselling blend - The Mount Blend
  • 10% discount on brewing equipment 
  • How to: booklet to take home 

Which class should you choose?

Espresso Making & Latte Art Masterclass

When you think of a barista making coffee, this is usually what you’re thinking of – the subtle science of grinding, tamping and extracting to create the perfect little black drink. We’ll teach you the science, sure, but we’ll also teach you the magic. You’ll learn how to steam beautifully silky milk, foamed perfectly to carry the espresso, and topped with delicate latte art, including the classic Tulip, Heart and Rosetta designs, that will – trust us – wow people when you show them what you can do.

Home Brewing & Coffee Sensory Masterclass

 In this class you’ll learn the secrets and tips to making perfect coffee at home. How to understand what size to grind your beans, how much coffee to use, what temperature your water should be and how all of that can tweak and subtley change the flavour of those roasted beans. We’ll also teach you about the origins of our coffee and the importance of the communities that grow our bean .

Meet our Masterclass Barista, Damiano

Meet our Masterclass Barista, Damiano

"I'm originally from Italy and I got into coffee in 2014 when I joined a friend who worked in a cafe' for the summer.  I wasn't a coffee drinker then, but I was lucky enough to be sent to an introductory training organised by the roastery that we were working with and I was amazed by the whole coffee supply chain and coffee preparation techniques.

I got into coffee thanks to a training, and I really hope to be able to transmit the same passion and knowledge to whoever decides to take the class with us."

Masterclass FAQs

How long is the session?

The session will run for 2.5hours, sometimes these sessions do overrun slightly as there is a lot to cover and it's dependent on how many questions there are throughout.

Where is the masterclass hosted?

Our masterclasses are hosted in our roastery in Brixton - 244 Ferndale Road, SW9 8FR.

Do you offer group bookings?

Yes we do, if you are booking in groups of 4 please get in touch directly at masterclasses@volcanocoffeeworks.com and we can offer a discounted rate.

What is your refund policy?

We do not offer refunds for classes booked.

I can't find an availability for the day I wanted?

We are unfortunately fully booked if you are not able to get tickets for the day you've chosen. We have a set amount of equipment and can't go over the amount of tickets we've sold. We are doing classes every month so do check back in for the next available availability.

I can't make it for the booking and I want to change the date

As stated when you booked we are unable to take any cancellations or changing dates so do make sure you book for a time you are available.

Can I buy a gift card for the classes?

We are currently not offering this however it might change in the future.

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