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Barista Masterclasses

We love coffee, and we suspect you’re falling in love with it too. We want to teach you how to enjoy it at its absolute best: how to brew like an expert barista, how to make coffee that tastes the absolute best it can, and then take those skills back to your family and friends to spread the love.

Our Masterclasses, held in our Brixton Roastery, are a fantastic way to spend a Saturday among friends old and new (that’s us, by the way). Making great coffee is a science, for sure – the water and the milk need to be the right temperature, the beans ground the right way, the cup tilted just so … but more than that, coffee is an art. Science never smells as good as our masterclasses do, trust us. The classes give you the chance to learn from award winning and championship level Baristas (yes – there are Barista championships). It’s not just about learning to make great coffee, it’s about learning to taste and enjoy it. It’s less of a coffee class and more of a coffee celebration.

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