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How we're reducing our impact with Too Good To Go and First Mile

At Volcano Coffee Works we are proud to be CarbonNeutral® but know that offsetting the impact of business practices is only half of the solution. Whether it’s renewable energies or sustainable packaging we are always looking to reduce the impact we have on our environment.

Our latest initiative involves partnering with both ‘Too Good To Go’ and ‘First Mile’ to address both our coffee bean waste and food packaging. Read on to find out more about what we’re doing.  

Too Good To Go is the #1 antifood waste app helping to reduce food waste across 15 countries! They have 40.8 million happy users fighting food waste, saved 81.8 million meals all over the world since 2016, and have 1050 waste warriors fighting food waste across 15 countries! 

Roasting coffee often means sample roasting to get the perfect ‘recipe’ for the roasters and this creates wasted batches that won’t end up in our final blend. There’s nothing wrong with them, and they still taste great, but since they don’t match our desired profiles, these would usually end up as waste. Too Good To Go allows us to sell these on at a discount so that they can still find a home! You’ll be able to purchase 200g for £2 and 1KG for £10 online or at our Brixton office (Volcano Coffee Works, Brixton, London, SW9 8FR) or from our roastery (1 Beadman street, West Norwood, London, SE27 0DN). 

In addition, we have partnered with First Mile collection. First Mile can take all our ‘soft’ plastics which includes our LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene recyclable plastic) bags. First Mile can take these items to their factory and recycle them into new materials. This allows us to reduce our landfill and continue to do our bit for the planet! 

In addition, we already ensure our Nespresso compatible coffee pods are fully compostable. We pack our wholesale customer’s coffee in larger bags, saving over 150kgs of plastic each year – how much is that? That’s enough to make a plastic bag large enough to cover greater London. Our café charges no extra to customers that drink their coffees with Alt Milk. This is because these milks generate 3.5 times less CO2 than cow's milk during production. 

To find out more about how we’re making Volcano Coffee Works even more environmentally friendly visit our website!

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