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Rise Up Blend X WeWork

rise up coffee blend

  • Origin: Brazil, Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Process: Natural and Washed
  • Tastes like: Raspberry Candy, Orange Rind, Milk Chocolate

Our bespoke blend combines two origins, Brazil and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, resulting in an espresso with muted acidity and delightful tasting notes of milk chocolate, orange rind, and raspberry candy.

From the DR Congo, we source coffee from a visionary generational producer who established a female cooperative in Idjwi Island. This cooperative empowers women by using coffee production as a means for socio-economic development, contributing to education, healthcare, and economic growth for 15,056 women. The coffee exhibits intense sweetness and bright red fruit characteristics, striking a perfect balance between acidity and sweetness.

The second component of our blend is from Fazenda Mio in Brazil. Tailored for muted acidity in espresso, this coffee undergoes Full Natural and Washed processes, enhancing its sweetness and character with flavours of dense nut, toffee and stone fruit.

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