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From 12 February 2020, you'll be able to buy Volcano coffee online at Holland & Barrett, and at 85 selected stores across the UK.

Our range of Bold, Balanced, Reserve and Decaf coffee brings the unbeatable taste of cafe-quality, fresh coffee to your kitchen.  

Our Reserve coffeegrown in Ethiopia's Guji region, is rich and buttery, with toffee sweetness and bruised strawberry notes. Expect full-bodied flavour with notes of dark chocolate and stone fruit from the Balanced coffee, grown in Colombia’s Huila region. Taste sweet honeycomb, silky chocolate notes and hazelnut nuttiness in the Bold coffee, grown by farmers of Brazil’s Minasul cooperative. Our Decaf coffee tastes like nutty ground almond and sweet stone fruit, with liquorice notes. This coffee is grown by farmers in Peru and decaffeinated by CO2 process.
This range is available to purchase in bags of ground coffee (perfect for filter brewing) and in compostable, Nespresso-compatible coffee pods.

Great coffee doesn’t have to be complicated. We do the hard work so you can enjoy a great-tasting cup every time, confident that the coffee you chose to drink has a real and positive impact.

We believe coffee should be accessible to everyone and used as a force for good. We believe in environmentally sustainable, ethically traded coffee and work with partners all over the world who actively engage community-based improvements. Our ethical trading principles ensure that our successes benefit the entire supply chain and beyond, from direct initiatives at origin to local communities here in the UK. 

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