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How To Make the Perfect Iced Coffee: with Volcano Coffee, BONRAW, and Mighty Drinks

iced brew coffee

Spring is here, and when the weather heats up, our coffees cool down. Making the perfect iced coffee is a fine art, and while we’re proud to be experts in that field, we have to be honest, nothing tastes worse than coffee made unethically. Fortunately, BONRAW, Volcano Coffee & Mighty Drinks have teamed up to serve you a planet-friendly iced coffee.


Step by Step Method:

  1. Brew your coffee, in this recipe we have brewed the coffee using a Moka Pot or equally use a shot of espresso from your chosen brew method
  2. Add Organic Panela to a drop of boiling water and stir in the glass to make a sugar syrup.
  3. Fill glass/cup with ice.
  4. Fill your glass with 2/3 of the brewed coffee (approx. 200ml depending on the glass).
  5. Top it with Mighty Barista M.LK.

Sip and enjoy!


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