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Drink the best: Limited edition Brazil Coffee Competition Set

Try three of the best natural coffees coming out of Brazil, in our limited edition Brazil Coffee Competition Set

In October 2018, Volcano roasters James and Senina were invited to Brazil to judge the Minasul Coffee Quality Competition. From 300 entries, including a record number submitted by female farmers, they selected the best natural coffees.

Volcano Coffee Works Minasul Coffee Competiton

First Place: Cleverson Fagundes

Cleverson Fagundes' farm in Mantiqueira de Minas may only be small and young, but the quality of his coffee is already considered among the best in Brazil!
Tastes: Papaya + Honey + Vanilla

Second Place: Adelino Semboloni

Having started work in an instant coffee plant, Adelino Semboloni dreamed of farming his own specialty crops. His farm sits in the major coffee region of Varginha, southwest Minas Gerais.
Tastes: Blackberry + White Grape + Coconut

Third Place: Dona Zezinha

Maria José, aka Dona Zezinha, owns land on one of the oldest coffee farms in the region. Since 2008, she has been working towards producing the finest specialty coffee from her crops. 
Tastes: Floral + Vanilla + Orange 

The Minasul cooperative was set up in 1958 to support Brazil’s coffee farmers, promote environmental preservation and offer access to education and training for members and their communities.

In 2016, Volcano became the first roastery in Europe to start buying coffee from Minasul, and we have been a proud supporter of their work ever since.

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