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Drink Los Ureña, March's Roaster's Choice subscription coffee

In March, Roaster's Choice Coffee Box subscribers are drinking a Costa Rican coffee grown on Paúl Cascante Ureña's family farm - Los Ureña.

Paúl Cascante Ureña's family farm, Los Ureña, is located in Palmichal in the Tarrazú region of Costa Rica, which sits in the high mountains to the south of San José. 

This fresh tasting coffee has a fruity, pomegranate flavour, molasses-like sweetness and acidic blood orange notes.

These beans were harvested from Ureña's four-hectare plot of cataui coffee, grown in Tarrazú's fertile, volcanic soils at 1650m above sea level. It was honey processed locally at the Palmichal micromill. 

Meet Paúl Cascante Ureña

Paúl Cascante Ureña's family is well-known in the town of Palmichal where they are recognised as some of the premier coffee growers in the area. The coffee trees on their farm were planted nearly thirty years ago when Paúl was just a baby. While several of his family members have run the farm at different points, he is now the one who manages their 10.5 hectares of coffee.

Los Ureña processes their coffee at the communal micromill in Palmichal, which was established four years ago. This investment for the community has allowed more smallholders in the area to access international specialty markets.

Paúl Cascante Ureña invested in educating himself in agronomy in order to make Los Ureña such a successful and profitable farm. His knowledge of coffee cultivation allows him to make decisions for the farm’s future - he mixes his own fertiliser and selects optimal varieties for planting in Tarrazú's volcanic and relatively high altitude soil. The dark green leaves and rich cherries on his coffee plants are evidence of how well he prunes and nurtures his crop, and you can taste the careful processing in your cup.

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