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What's in December's Roasters Choice Box?

This month, try a pioneering coffee from the Ocotepeque region of Honduras - this is the most westerly region in the country and borders both El Salvador and Guatemala.

This coffee from Carlos Roberto Hernandez has fruity notes of plums and red grapes, with an underlying honey sweetness.

Hernandez’s Finca La Mora is unique in its location. Since the coffee plant grows best in a soil which is rich in minerals and nutrients, in a climate with distinct dry and rainy seasons, and at an altitude where the air is cooler (but not too cold!), for years no one has risked trying to farm coffee in the clay soils of the dry region of Ocotepeque. Carlos Roberto has beaten all the odds to produce high quality and high yielding coffees on his farm. The microclimate of the farm makes this a truly a unique coffee!

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