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Volcano Fuels WeWork Summer Camp with 30,000 cups of coffee

 Volcano has been proudly serving WeWork UK sites since 2015. On 17 - 19 August we were called up to their second annual music festival Summer Camp, to fuel late nights and kick-start early mornings.

Some 8000 WeWorkers flew in from all across the world for the event to enjoy live music, great food, and inspirational talks, all fuelled by our hand-poured, filter and iced coffees. 

Volcano Coffee Works at WeWork Summer Camp

41 Volcano staff put 1131 work hours into the WeWork site that week to keep everyone's coffee topped up. Our 8 barista stations were open for 59 hours over the four-day festival as we served from dawn to the early hours.

Campers and crew enjoyed 800kg of coffee and 1000l of cold brew concentrate served in some 30,000 compostable Vegware cups

Volcano at WeWork

Volcano at WeWork summer camp

Our baristas pushed themselves to keep the coffee flowing - walking nearly 18 miles each day to get around the site. They kept in touch sending 2,031 messages to each other to pull together this unforgettable weekend!  

Volcano at WeWork Summer Camp

Volcano Coffee Works at WeWork Summer Camp

Til next year, Summer Camp!

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