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Meet The Team: Claire

Meet The Team: Claire

Independent coffee businesses are all about the people creating the product, their expertise, their passion for good coffee making a difference in the world. We're lucky to work with such people and boast proudly that our staff, suppliers and wholesale partners are industry leaders in their expertise and drive. 

In this series we're introducing you to the people who make Volcano Coffee Works tick. This time we're sitting down with Volcano's Head Roaster, Claire Wallace.

What do you do for Volcano? 

My main role is working in roasting; I do mostly production roasting, quality control and profiling. I also run workshops, trainings and tastings for Volcano customers.

Ok, what do you really do?

Get really caffeinated and talk really fast! And slurping. Lots of slurping.

How do you drink your coffee?

I usually go for a black filter coffee – but I also really love a good espresso!

What job did you do before this?

Before joining Volcano, I was a barista trainer & head barista for a coffee shop in Edinburgh. Before specialty coffee, I was studying Scots Law at university. The life skills I learned during that degree have been really useful in all sorts of ways!

What’s some of the best advice you’ve ever been given? 

 ‘You may as well try, the worst thing they can say is no’. I think many people, myself included, can be nervous or embarrassed to put themselves out there, or ask for what they want, in all sorts of situations. If you ask for something and someone says no, nothing has changed. But if they say yes, doors can open! 

Tell us something that annoys you?

Stubbing my toe! I’m normally annoyed at myself because I do it as I’m rushing... Also when I run out of chocolate. 

Tell us something about you that may surprise us?

I used to play the harp!

Give us a favourite quote/ joke/ fact?

‘If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gon’ love somebody else’ – RuPaul Charles J

Who would play your character in a film?

Oh I would love it to be Drew Barrymore, just because she’s incredibly cool and I’m totally not. We’re totally different ages though, so we’d have to mess with time a bit… 

What’s the number one guideline you try to live your life by?

‘Always fill your own cup first’. I always want to do EVERYTHING and I try and cram as much into life as possible, but I always try and remember to take time for recharging and self care so that I can continue to power on doing a hundred different things.


Thanks Claire!

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