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3 popular methods for brewing coffee in the office

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Man brewing coffee in the office
Got a kettle in your office? Good news! You can make your own freshly brewed coffee at work!

Now all you need is a brewing method... but which is best for use in the workplace? Aeropress, Cafetiere or V60?

Brewing coffee in the office (whether it's at your desk or communal kitchen) raises different challenges to when you're making coffee in your own home - you want a method that is time efficient, doesn't need a lot of components, and doesn't leave a big mess to clean up. Not forgetting, you still want your coffee to taste spot-on. 

We've narrowed your choices to the three most popular in-office brewing methods to work out which is best for you.  


The Aeropress is increasing in popularity in the workplace for its time efficiency and ease of use. Pick this method and you'll turn out an enviably strong and tasty cup every time.

  • Good for: The Aeropress will make you the swiftest coffee (you could brew a cup in just a couple of minutes), plus its the easiest to clean up after.
  • Bad for: Don't offer to make coffee for the whole team - the Aeropress was designed to make just one strong espresso-like cup of coffee. 
  • Time efficiency: 4/5 
  • Tidy: 4/5

What do I need? The various components of the Aeropress make it look more complex than it is. Insert a filter, the coffee and water, wait a few moments then push the plunger hard to force the coffee into your cup. You can watch our recommended brew guide here.

And how's the taste? The Aeropress makes a short and full bodied cup of coffee with a real oomph. Natural coffee really shine when brewed through this method. 


The Cafetiere, aka French Press, is traditionally the most common brewing method for in the office. Cafetieres now come in multiples sizes, so you can make a single cup or enough to offer around. 

  • Good for: This is a very hands off method - you can just set it and forget it until its time to plunge.
  • Bad for: Clean up is more tricky than other methods.
  • Time efficiency: 4/5 
  • Tidy: 2/5

What do I need? The cafetiere is the only method that doesn’t require you to buy any additional filters. Steep the ground coffee in boiled water in the vessel before plunging the metal filter mesh, which prevents the grounds pouring into your cup.

And how's the taste? You won’t find great flavour clarity in your cafetiere-made coffee, since the metal filter allows more oils to get into your cup. This coffee is best balanced out with milk.


The pour-over V60 is a popular device in the office for its relative compactness and ease of use. It's not the most quick or tidy, but if you get it right the V60 will make you the finest and most nuanced cup of coffee. Having trouble? We can help you solve your V60 brewing problems

  • Good for: If you want to get the best flavours out of your coffee, and you're only making one cup.
  • Bad for: This method will keep you occupied for a while since do need to supervise the pour over.
  • Time efficiency: 2/5 
  • Tidy: 3/5

What do I need? The V60 is very straight-forward to use, all you need is your V60 funnel, a supply of paper filters and your coffee (ground ). Pop a filter paper in the funnel, add ground coffee and just-boiled water - enjoy your coffee in just a few minutes. You can watch our recommended brew guide here.

And how's the taste? The V60 makes a delicate, light-bodied, almost tea-like cup. Try brewing a single-origin with your V60 - this method with highlight the most subtle flavours. 

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