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How to brew using V60 / Pour Over

This recipe basically applies to any brewing method where you are pouring hot water over a conical / V shaped brewer and perhaps use a filter paper to keep the coffee grinds out of your cup. 




15g (heaped tablespoon)


3 - 4 minutes

What do I need to get started?

  • 15g of medium ground coffee (this is around a heaped tablespoon)
  • V60 Filter
  • V60 Filter papers
  • 250ml boiling water (filtered is ideal) and extra for rinsing the filter paper
  • V60 Server (optional)


1. Thoroughly rinse the filter paper by placing it in the v60 and pouring boiling water through 

2. Discard the used water and set up your v60 on top of your mug 

3. Load your freshly ground coffee into the v60 and distribute it evenly so it’s flat but still loose

4. Pour 50ml of water then wait 40 seconds

5. Pour the remaining 200ml of water at a steady but slow pace 

6. Leave to drain completely. This process should take around 3 minutes 30 seconds. If it’s longer then you might want to have a coarser grind and vice versa. 

Step-by-step Guide



What grind should I use for pour-over? 

You should use medium ground coffee. A good reference for this is granulated sugar. If you can replicate this, you're getting close. Otherwise about halfway between espresso and filter if you have the options on your grinder.  

You can judge by the length of time it takes to brew and make adjustments if you're grinding at home. As with the recipe above, total brew time should be approximately 3 minutes and 30 seconds. If you're finding, it's taking less time then consider tightening your grinder or inversely loosing it up if it's too slow. 

How many grams of coffee for a pour-over?

We recommend 60-70 grams of coffee per litre. For example, a small v60 brew of 250ml might require 15 to 17g depending on the level of concentration you want in your final cup. You can then apply this ratio for any brew size.

What coffees are best brewed with V60/ Pour Over?

This is a great way to drink single origin coffees and lighter filter roasts where the delicate tasting notes of the coffee can come across more clearly in the cup. 

Why use a filter paper?

The paper is great at catching all the fine ground coffee particles, so it is generally referred to make a ‘clean’ cup of coffee. The paper also catches some of the oils, so you’ll find a nice refined and delicate cup of coffee. Top Tip: rinse the filter paper thoroughly before use. 

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