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Welcome to a Taste of independence. Fresh New Look. Same Awesome Coffee.

Life’s too short for bland high-street coffee. 

At Volcano, we’re here to welcome everyone into a world of coffee you can really enjoy. 

We wanted to update our branding to reflect this.

Now we have new bespoke illustrations that bring to life the flavours and sensations in all our coffees. Because the more you know, the more you taste. From the chocolate and caramel notes of our Mount Blend to the fruit in our Fullsteam Espresso.  You can only make coffee that tastes like this when you can choose your own beans, from farmers you know, and roast them to your standards. 

That’s not how corporations do it.  It’s how independents do it. 

Welcome to a taste of independence.

Behind the scenes – a word from our founder Kurt    

Behind the scenes – a word from our founder Kurt    

"As a Chef, flavour has always played a pivotal role in the way I think about coffee and how we create each blend here at Volcano Coffee Works; it was therefore the natural starting point to use the tasting notes of each coffee as the colour palette, and the story behind each product as the basis for each illustration. 

Working with a great designer in New Zealand we lovingly created these bespoke illustrations, they are vibrant and original.  We wanted to retain our logo, we’ve evolved it slightly so it’s cleaner and easier to read and have used the 30-degree angle from the sides of the logo as a feature on all the illustrations. 

We look forward to hearing what you think, drop me or one of the team a message or tag us in your pictures - @volcanocoffeeworks"

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  • Single origin
    Fazenda Mio - Brazil Fazenda Mio - Brazil
    From £10.00
  • Bestseller
    The Mount Blend The Mount Blend
    From £8.00
  • Bestseller
    Firehouse Blend Firehouse Blend
    From £7.50
  • From £8.50
  • From £9.00
  • Single origin
    Piemonte - El Salvador Piemonte - El Salvador
    From £12.00
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