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How to brew using Moka Pot / Stove Top

Who doesn't love the smell of a Moka Pot bubbling up in the kitchen? When it's done well it's a great way to enjoy espresso style coffee without the need for a machine.  Here's our guide for making it perfectly.




15g (heaped tablespoon)


3 - 4 minutes

What do I need to get started?

  • Enough ground coffee to fill your basket
  • Moka Pot
  • Boiling water (filtered is ideal)


1. Fill the base with boiling (not cold) water up to the safety valve

2. Place ground coffee in the basket (don’t pack it down) and assemble the Moka Pot (be careful it might be hot) 

3. Heat on a hob until you hear gurgling

4. Take off the hob to serve and enjoy 

Step-by-step Guide



What grind should I use for Moka Pot?

You should use medium to fine ground coffee.

What coffees are best brewed using a Moka Pot / Stove Top? 

The Moka Pot is meant to be an alternative for espresso coffee and when brewed correctly creates a cup that's closer in taste to an Americano or Long Black than it is to filter coffee. With this in mind you want an espresso roast ideally. More roast development generally means more robust flavours in the coffee that can stand up to what can be a bit of a rustic brewing method. 

Can I use filter coffee in a Moka Pot? 

You can use whatever type of coffee you want for any method of brewing and, as long as it tastes the way you like, don't let anyone tell you otherwise! That being said filter coffee is roaster lighter to preserve delicate and light flavour compounds. Take special care you don't destroy them with excess heat by following the above recipe.

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