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Volcano's Favourite B Corp Brands

Becoming B Corp is particularly challenging for food and beverage brands compared to other industries which makes our B Corp certification even more of an achievement. During B Corp month, we not only want to celebrate our own achievements but applaud the achievements of our fellow B Corp certified food and beverage companies. So let’s take a look at our favourite B Corp brands and why we love them so much. 


Did you know that around 40% of food produced globally goes to waste? Our friends at Oddbox rescue the “too odd” and “too many” direct from growers and deliver to your door. So you can eat fresh and help make a difference to the planet at the same time. 

Exclusive discount : Use VOLCANO code at checkout for 50% off your first Oddbox box.  T&Cs: this code will give new Oddbox customers 50% off their first box. Offer excludes SX fruit and veg boxes, fruit booster box and add-ons. Offer available until 31/7/24.

What Volcano loves: Oddbox’s fruit booster box is the best way to get your Vitamin C kick and save fresh fruit from going in the bin.


Hilltop Honey

Located in the Welsh countryside, Hilltop are proud to produce, pure and natural products including honey, maple syrup and agave - with nothing added and nothing taken away. Their products are available in reusable glass jars, fully recyclable squeezy bottles, and biodegradable materials.

Hilltop was the first honey brand in the UK to become B Corp Certified. Every aspect of their business has been examined to ensure they meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

Exclusive discount: use NEWBEE code at checkout for 15% off on the Hilltop site.

What Volcano loves: We always have a bottle of their blossom honey to top our morning porridge.


Small Beer

Small Beer is London's first and only B Corp brewery, dedicated to sustainably brewing beer below 2.8% ABV. Championing the mid-strength, Small Beer is expertly brewed with half the alcohol of an average beer, the lifestyle choice for those who want to enjoy it all.

Catch us at Small Beer’s B Corp panel event to celebrate B Corp Month on the 27th March. Our CEO, Emma Loisel will be talking about how and why we became B Corp certified and what we are doing to improve our score. Get your tickets here.

Exclusive discount: Use VOLCANOBEER code at checkout for 10% off on the Small Beer site.

What Volcano loves: We’re a big fan of their Hazy beer - the beer of choice at our post-work drinks.


Fearne & Rosie

Rachel always wanted the berry best foods for her family and children, that’s why she developed Fearne & Rosie’s range of reduced sugar jams, with double the fruit and half the sugar, because she wanted there to be readily available healthier, tastier, happier choices for children and their families. Fearne & Rosie became a B Corp in November 2022. Their mission has always been to make a positive impact, focusing on our engagement with and impact on the charities with which we work with such as BBC Children in Need.

Exclusive discount: Use BCORP25 code for 25% off on the Fearne & Rosie site. Offer available until 10/04/2024.

What Volcano loves: Fearne & Rosie's Superberry jam on toast and a coffee is the perfect breakfast combo.


Good & Proper Tea

Good & Proper Tea are London-based, premium tea specialists on a mission to show how good tea can be when it's done properly. Good & Proper is a proud tea supplier to the UK’s finest cafes, restaurants and hotels, as well as to a loyal and growing community of tea drinkers at home.

An ethos of Doing Things Properly has been at the heart of Good & Proper since the start - from sourcing the best tea leaves from farms and co-operatives that align with our values to supporting our customers to brew the best possible cup. Becoming a certified B Corp at the end of 2023 therefore felt like the logical next step - reinforcing that long-term commitment to doing business with integrity.

What Volcano loves: Obviously we’re avid coffee drinkers in the Volcano office but when we need to wind down, we always have Good & Proper’s chamomile tea on-hand.


Rude Health

Rude Health was founded by Nick and Camilla Barnard, in 2005, when they first created the Ultimate Muesli around their kitchen table using ingredients from their kitchen cupboard, when on a mission to challenge the assumption that healthy food had to be bland and boring. Today, Rude Health is found in fridges and cupboards all over the world but the approach to flavour remains the same: Quality ingredients with nothing artificial or refined and helping make the healthy choice a celebration, not a sacrifice.

In 2021, Rude Health proudly became a B Corp, which for them means continuing to do business the bright way. They are committed to championing sustainability through sourcing and packaging whilst leaving the planet, their team and everyone who enjoys its food and drinks in ruder health.

What Volcano loves: We love using Rude Health’s Barista Oat Milk in our flat whites.


Naturya has grown to become the UK’s leading superfood brand, harnessing the power of nature’s most nutrient dense foods to create dozens of award-winning and great tasting products. 100% plant-based, the Naturya range brings all that nature has to offer in delicious and convenient superfood products for people looking to make the healthier choice.

Naturya became B Corp certified in 2022, joining a global community of businesses looking to do good in the world, for people and the planet. This certification is a reflection on the ethos, behaviour, and culture of Naturya and their commitment to working towards a better world, turning good intentions into positive action.

What Volcano loves: Naturya’s Immunity Superfood Porridge is a convenient and healthy way to enjoy chocolate for breakfast. What’s not to love.

Learn more about our B Corp journey here.

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