Volcano Coffee Works is Brixton Pound Cafe's Roaster of the Month

We love our local community in Brixton, so when the Brixton Pound Café offered us the post of Roaster in Residence for August we jumped.

Brixton Pound Cafe

Brixton Pound Café was opened in January 2017, and is the first cafe in South London to serve food and drink on a pay-what-you-can basis. The café reduces food waste in the local area by taking in surplus produce from local traders, while at the same time combatting food poverty. Customers are offered the opportunity to pay less if they don't have much, or to be generous and help support others who may not be able to afford as much.

The café is a truly radical social enterprise, designed to reflect the multitude of voices using it. It provides a relaxed and inclusive environment for locals who want an alternative to expensive, less inviting establishments in the area.

Volcano Coffee Works is built on the ethos of ethically traded coffee, which means working with partners who feed profits into community-based improvements. The benefits of ethical trade stretch far beyond just the farmer growing the coffee - it runs through the entire production chain, and we make sure that our successes benefit our local community too by supporting initiatives like the Brixton Fund.

So if you’ve not been before, make this the month you visit the Brixton Pound Café!


We’re supporting our local community in Brixton by donating our beans to the Café. You can support Brixton Pound Café too!

Besides visiting the café for a drink or bite to eat, you can donate items to the shop, or volunteer your time - preparing food, serving customers or making teas and coffees. They also host a wide range of public events, including as pay-what-you-can reiki, beginners knitting, green film screenings, life drawing and children's art clubs.

The Brixton Pound Cafe is not-for-profit, and all revenue goes to supporting the local community via the Brixton Fund. 

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