Are coffee pods bad? We have answers and an eco solution

Do you know the impact your coffee pod habit is having on the world?

Switch to eco coffee pods and stop the waste!

Coffee pod technology has made drinking great coffee at home even easier. Over 300,000,000 cups were made with pod machines in the UK last year, but did you know nearly 95% of these aluminium and plastic pods ended up straight in landfill?

Your coffee pods can take over 500 years to break down if you just throw them in the bin. We have something better.... 

We started to tackle the problem of coffee pod waste head-on back in 2017 when we first released our range of 100% compostable, 100% sustainable, 100% ethical-traded coffee capsules.

We're constantly striving to improve our eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable coffee pods to offer you pods which are better for the coffee farmers, their communities, and the world around us. 

Our pods are 100% Nespresso-compatible pods which now have a 12 month shelf-life. These capsules, lids and bag packaging are made from a 100% bio-based cornstarch material. This material releases significantly less environmentally harmful byproducts during production than the aluminium and plastic pods on the market, and is a completely renewable resource.

When you've made your coffee, simply place this waste in your local authority food-waste collection bin - the industrial composting process will break down our pods and packaging faster than ever before, completely gone in just 90 days!

Volcano Coffee Works wins two Great Taste Awards

We’ve made your morning coffee 100% guilt-free without compromising on the taste of what’s inside our coffee pods.

Kick-start your morning with this intense Peruvian coffee.

This Brazilian coffee's mild nutty body is perfect for any time of day, with milk or without.

Toffee sweet and satisfying, this Ethiopian coffee is an everyday treat.

Can't decide? Try them all! This bumper-pack contains a mixed selection of our Pods.

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