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Meet The Team: Thomas and Ale

Meet The Team: Thomas Sangiovanni (left) and Alessandro Zengiaro

Independent coffee businesses are all about the people the product, their expertise their passion for good coffee making a difference in the world. We consider ourselves incredibly lucky to be able to work with such people and boast proudly that our staff, suppliers and wholesale partners are industry leaders in their expertise and drive. 

In this series we are introducing you to some of these people in the form of a short questionnaire. To start with we'd like to introduce you to best mates Thomas Sangiovanni (left) and Alessandro Zengiaro. 

Thomas and Ale take care of Account Management and Technical support here in the roastery which basically means all of the training, support and fixing of coffee machines and grinders for all of our cafe and restaurant partners. 

Both Thomas and Ale grew up in Turin, Italy, but, although Thomas' family had a cafe the pair didn't become connected until later. Thomas, living in London by this point, was on a trip back home and upon seeking out the best specialty coffee was directed to the cafe in which Alessandro worked. The guys immediately hit it off and have remained friends ever since. Thomas is a bit of a maestro on the acoustic guitar and regularly entertains the roastery at company events while Ale is one of the most skilled Latte Art competitors in the UK and Europe. 

Here are our questions with the guys:


1. What do you do for Volcano?

AZ: Technical Lead 
TS: Account Management and Technical Lead

2. Ok, what do you really do? 

AZ: Everything needs to be done
TS: Fix customers problems, at least this is what I like to believe

3. How do you drink your coffee? 

AZ: Usually with a cup, but also I like drink it into glass jar
TS: Espresso or filter till my body can’t handle caffeine anymore

4.  Traditional Italian Coffee or the coffee in the UK?

AZ: English coffee!!
TS: English, but I do like my Robusta ristrettos when back home

5. Italian or English food? 

AZ: Please........
TS: What would you choose between Pizza and Fish and chips?

6. What job did you do before this? 

AZ: Barista
TS: Barista, of course

7. What’s some of the best advice you’ve ever been given? 

AZ: “Remember, in UK people drive on the other side of the road”
TS: Smile, always. There's only one life and you should make the most of it

8. What song would you like played at your funeral? 

AZ: Without Me - Eminem
TS: Champagne Supernova - Oasis

9. What’s been your guilty pleasure to get you through lockdown? 

AZ: I've been learning guitar and obviously also working on a tan
TS: BBQs and non-stop Tiramisu

10. Tell us something that annoys you. 

AZ: Lockdown
TS: People who don't appreciate life and always look at what others have

11. Tell us something about you that may surprise us. 

AZ: The first thing I drank after being born was champagne In hindsight it explains a lot. 
TS: I can't look left with my left eye.  

12. Give us a favourite quote/ joke/ recipe. 

AZ: Love the life you live. Live the life you love. 
TS: Don't look back in anger 

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