Sonya's Coffee Break Playlist

Time for a coffee break!

If you're working from home like us, now's the time to find new ways to do the things you love. We're still going to stick on a playlist, brew up our favourite coffee and enjoy our daily coffee breaks - so join us!

Today, scroll down for wfh tips and a sublime playlist from our resident Spotify DJ, and Operations & Customer Services Manager, Sonya!

Sonya! In the office you flit between filters and flat whites throughout the day. How are you drinking your coffee at home now?

I'm switching between filter coffee with a cafetiere and more filter using a Moccamaster, nice to still change it up a bit! I'm definitely missing my flat whites though.

Which coffee are you drinking this week?

I’m loving the Anasora Lot 3 on cafetiere - super smooth and tasty.

Sounds like you're doing pretty well at switching to the wfh lifestyle, what's your top tip?

If you go by the shop remember to ask the shop assistants how they’re holding up - we’re very lucky to be able to work from home. Not everyone can!

Anything else?

Remember to take a tech break! I like reading short stories so I can finish one during my hour break. Switching in-between The Collected Stories by Lydia Davis, Freeman’s Arrival by John Freeman and No One Belongs Here More Than You by Miranda July.

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