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How To Make Espresso Freddo

How to make the perfect Espresso Freddo from home!


Summer can seem suffocatingly hot here in the UK and city lifestyles just don't seem to cope which is why we're looking further abroad for our cold coffee inspiration. The Greeks are no strangers to the heat and have some well documented and delicious cold coffee drinks to take the edge off. 

They say it all started with the frappe when necessity, born out of lack of hot water, led to the blending of ice and instant coffee at a trade show in 1957. Fast forward a few years and espresso culture had advanced the coffee options of every day lives in Greece, and while the Frappe lives on (i'm reliably informed among the older generations) the Espresso Freddo has risen in popularity even becoming commonplace in specialty coffee menus across the country. 

Do invest in a hand held milk frother. They might be as little as 5 pounds in some places and they'll change the game for you this summer. 

Read on below for the recipe. 


What you'll need to make Espresso Freddo:

  • 50ml espresso (alternatively use strong Moka pot coffee or use two coffee pods)
  • Sugar to taste (we suggest 1 teaspoon)
  • Ice cubes
  • Electric milk frother (or alternatively a cocktail shaker or even airtight jar) 

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      1. Brew your coffee using either espresso, pod coffee or moka pot.
      2. Dissolve the sugar into the coffee using the handheld frother or shaker to introduce some air, then add an ice cube to speed up the cooling down.
      3. Pour into a small glass half full of ice and serve with a biodegradable straw.


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          How to make Espresso Freddo without a machine

          If you can get yourself a cocktail shaker or even a jar with an airtight lid these can be substituted instead of the frother to introduce air into your coffee mixture and create some foam. 

           How to make Espresso Freddo with Nespresso 

          If you don't have access to espresso coffee you can easily create similar results with either strong Moka or capsule (Nespresso style) coffee. We recommend 2 coffee pods for each Espresso Freddo but would suggest our compostable coffee pods rather than Nespresso to be kind to the planet!

          What is an Espresso Freddo?

          Surprise surprise an Espresso Freddo literally means cold espresso (frothed up to enhance its refreshing qualities).

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