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How To Make Aeropress Coffee

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How To Make Aeropress Coffee Like A Pro
Here's a little recipe that works every time for making super tasty super easy coffee with the Aeropress. 

If you haven't used an Aeropress before don't be put off. It is basically unbreakable, is easier to clean than any other brewer and can travel with you anywhere. Little (well) known fact: it was invented by Alan Adler who is better known as the inventor of the Aerobie frisbee. 

The Aeropress 'plunges' and forces water through the coffee to extract the oils and flavour. In the airtight chamber of the Aeropress air is compressed and pressure exerted on the coffee liquid can be used to help highlight your favourite coffee flavours. While this pressure won't ever equal that of a commercial espresso machine you are able to create a cup of coffee with more body and bolder taste than you might be able to in some of the more delicate alternatives.

This naturally lends itself to brewing blends and espresso roasts when you don't have access to an espresso machine 

* pro tip - one of the best things about Aeropress is the versatility. Experiment with different grind sizes and switching up between the regular method and 'inverted' (method to follow) 


Aeropress Recipe:

  • 17g (or close as possible) of slightly finer than medium ground coffee.  A machine or hand grinder is ideal but pre-ground works too.
  • 1 x Aeropress
  • 1 x Aeropress filter papers (included with a new Aeropress)
  • Boiling water (filtered Ideal) 
  • 1 x digital scales  
  1. Thoroughly rinse the filter paper by placing it in the cap of the Aeropress and pouring through.
  2. Discard the spent water screw the lid onto your Aeropress (leaving the top separate for now) place it on your brewing vessel.
  3. Drop your freshly ground coffee in, place on top of and tare scales
  4. Set a stopwatch running and pour 50ml of water then wait 30 seconds
  5. Pour until the scales read 230ml
  6. At this point gently attach the top piece of the Aeropress inside the chamber. The air lock will stop your coffee dripping out through the filter while you leave it to brew.
  7. Steep until the timer reads 1min 45.  
  8. Take off the scales, plunge slowly (approx 15 seconds) and enjoy! 


How much coffee for an Aeropress? 

As with all filter brewing methods we usually start with between 60g and 70g of coffee per litre of water and work from there. We like the extra body or bigger flavour you can create with an Aeropress so have adjusted by adding slightly more in the above recipe. Play around to suit your preferences and also different coffees might taste better at different ratios. Experimenting is the fun part!

What makes Aeropress coffee so good?

Aeropress coffee is super easy to travel with, almost impossible to break and really easy to clean. it's also quite a versatile way to brew and you can use different ratios of water to coffee and even inverter vs. normal methods to create an interesting spectrum of tastes all wit the same coffee. It's definitely a great method for experimenting with! 

What coffee grind for Aeropress coffee? 

There is no law about what grind size you can and can't use. As a starting point try a grind that is slightly finer than medium so just a little coarser than sand but not quite as granulated as sugar. Feel free to experiment. You could try a coarser grind setting and a longer brew time and observe the differences.

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