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Great Taste Winners 2021

Great Taste Winners 2021

We are delighted to announce we have gained two more Great Taste Awards for our compostable pods. Additionally we are now officially a Great Taste Producer


Bold Morning Shot gained a 3-star award

"Happy to see compostable pods, and delighted by the powerful nose and richness of the inviting chocolate notes and sweet, smoky fruitiness. The first taste comes through with prune stone fruits and dark chocolate, then the minerality presents itself to clear the palate a little, leaving silky smoothness and a feeling of indulgence. The addition of milk made this a rich milk chocolate, widely pleasing.

Dark and velvety, there is an intense and assertive presence to this espresso that makes it really quite memorable. Milk brings out some caramel and chocolate notes and delivers a super smooth and satisfying cup. We found ourselves savouring every sip of this. This is absolutely the espresso we want to finish off an excellent lunch. Heaps of character - remarkable to have achieved this espresso in a pod!" 

Decaf Delicious Anytime gained a 2-star award

"Good consistent crema. Some good acidity and some fruit notes through the middle of this. The fruit notes hold well and give some interest. This retains an impressive level of flavour and highlights. Rich mouthfeel and the flavours are in harmony.

A coffee packed full of flavour, with a bitter almond note. As the coffee cooled and with a little milk, a sweetness and fruity acidity came to the fore, which made for a more enjoyable flavour."


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