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Drink a CarbonNeutral® Drink to celebrate Volcano turning 10

October's Roaster's Choice Coffee Box subscribers will be trying coffee from a CarbonNeutral® farm in Costa Rica.

The Aquiares farm was founded in 1890 but it’s status as pioneers of sustainability really began to accelerate when Diego Robelo’s father, Alfonso, took over operations in the 1990’s. Alfonso saw that workers struggled for security without their own homes and responded by building homes for nearly 200 workers to own and live in. This was just the first of many sustainability oriented innovations.

These days the farm is run by Alfonso’s son Diego who has continued to challenge the status quo and seek to constantly improve. Aquiares have become renown as trailblazers in Central America embracing new and experimental varieties such as the F1 Hybrid here. Diego has also overseen the farms transition to carbon-neutral operations and even collaborators in world-leading research into agroecological innovation. We thought it would be the perfect anniversary coffee and hope you do too! 

Volcano Turns 10! 

From starting on a footpath in West Norwood to being served in some of the world’s best cafes and restaurants many things have changed in the last ten years of Volcano, but some things will always stay the same. Our core belief is and always will be that everyone deserves a fair shot. In other words - every good coffee drunk can help to create a world of fairer opportunity for all. 

While these values inform to all areas of our business, one area which we’ve decided to focus specifically on for our anniversary is our impact on the environment. We believe future generations deserve access to the same resources we’ve benefitted from which is why on our 10th anniversary we’re announcing we are now proudly a CarbonNeutral® company. To celebrate we’ve sourced a stunning coffee from CarbonNeutral® farming partner, Diego Robelo, in Costa Rica for this month’s Roaster’s Choice. 

In addition to our CarbonNeutral® certification we’re also certifying for B Corp. While we’ve been assured that we exceed all B Corp standards we want full transparency and have chosen to undertake further analysis to gain the most accurate measure possible and expect certification any day now. 

We’re incredibly grateful for every customer that’s joined us on our journey thus far and want to prove they’ve made the right choice by constantly striving for ‘better’ in the future. CarbonNeutral® and B Corp is just the start!

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