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Environmentally Better

Volcano Coffee Works has always made business decisions with the environment in mind.  We know every decision, big and small has a cost and potential benefit, the question is what priority you put on each.  Here are just some of the actions we’ve taken that put the environment ahead of hard nosed business sense.  In the long run, we think ethical business makes the best business sense of all:  

  1. Becoming a CarbonNeutral® Company because we aren’t going to kid ourselves that getting great coffee to our customers doesn’t generate a lot of carbon.   We are also moving our supplier purchasing to CarbonNeutral® companies, like our 100% renewable energy supplier.
  1. Our state of the art Loring coffee roasters use 80% less gas and are smokeless, so we don’t fill the air around Brixton with smoke.

  1. Our nespresso compatible coffee pods are fully compostable.  
  2. We pack our wholesale customer’s coffee in larger bags, saving over 150kgs of plastic each year – how much is that?  That’s enough to make a plastic bag large enough to cover greater London.   
  3. Our café charges no extra to customers that drink their coffees with Alt Milk because these milks generate during their production 3.5 times less CO2 than cow milk.  Everyone should drink coffee how they like it, but by making Alt Milks cheaper, we are rewarding those who choose a drink with a smaller eco footprint.  That feels fair to us. 
  4. We recycle whenever we can and work with our suppliers to help their products we’ve sold to our customers come back to get safely recycled.
  5. We love employee benefits that also help the environment:

    - We’re a bit cycling mad, so much so that we have sponsored the Herne Hill Velodrome and HHYCC for the last 7 years.  But we also want our people be on two wheels, so both of our sites have showers, secure bike racks and bike pumps for everyone to use.  They can also get help buying their bike via our Company Bike Scheme.
  6. We will continue to do what is within our control to reduce our impact on the environment. We are hopeful that consumers will join us as they have the greatest power – they get to choose which companies are in our economic future and what they want these businesses to stand for.  By buying products from companies that demonstrate they think about the environment and take responsibility for the carbon they produce (like CarbonNeutral® Companies), consumers are sending a clear message to all businesses, helping fight this climate crisis with us.


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