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How to brew using a Cafetière

Almost every house has a cafetiere somewhere in the cupboard and most supermarkets sell them. It’s a classic coffee brewing method and a fool proof way to express what coffee really tastes like without having to complicate the brew. 




35g (two heaped tablespoons)


4 minutes

What do I need to get started?

  • Coarsely ground fresh coffee. We use 65g / 1000ml of water, you can scale this to the size of your cafetière for example 35g / 500ml
  • Cafetiere
  • Boiling water (filtered is ideal) and extra for rinsing the cafetière


1. Clean the cafetiere with boiling water. Let the water sit for a minute to heat up the glass so you don’t lose the heat once you start to brew 

2. Discard the used water and tip your ground coffee into the cafetiere 

3. Fill the cafetiere to the top with water just off the boil and set a timer

4. Give the cafetiere a good stir making sure all the coffee floating and resting on the bottom becomes incorporated

5. Place the plunger gently in the top and leave to brew for 4 minutes 

6. Plunge the coffee then pour out to serve 


What grind should I use for cafetière ?

You should use coarsely ground coffee.

What coffees are best brewed with a cafetiere? 

It really shines when brewing single origin filter roasted coffees with their unique profiles. 

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