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At Volcano Coffee Works, we believe that coffee should not only taste great, but also be ethically sourced. That's why we carefully select our speciality coffee beans from independent farmers around the world who share our values of sustainability, fairness, and quality.

Our commitment to ethical sourcing doesn't stop there. We work directly with these farmers to ensure they are paid fairly and their communities are supported. By doing so, we not only offer our customers delicious arabica coffee, but we also help create a positive impact in the coffee industry.

Our independent brand is based in Brixton, London, where we roast our beans to perfection. Our team of experts uses traditional roasting methods to bring out the unique flavours and aromas of each bean. We take pride in helping to create speciality coffee that is truly exceptional and distinctive.

What are speciality coffee beans?

Speciality coffee beans are high-quality beans that are grown in specific microclimates, carefully harvested, and roasted to enhance their unique flavours and characteristics. Speciality coffee beans are of a higher grade than commercial coffee beans, and are judged based on criteria such as flavour, aroma, and aftertaste. They are often roasted in small batches to preserve their unique qualities and are brewed using precise techniques to fully bring out their flavour. At Volcano Coffee Works, we specialise in sourcing and roasting the finest speciality coffee beans, ensuring that each cup of coffee is an exceptional experience.

Where do you source your coffee beans?

Speciality beans are typically sourced from high-altitude regions with optimal growing conditions, such as Central and South America, Africa, and Asia. These regions produce coffee with unique flavour profiles due to factors like soil quality, climate, and farming techniques. At Volcano Coffee Works, we partner directly with farmers and cooperatives to ensure our beans are ethically and sustainably sourced. Our beans come from countries like Colombia, Guatemala, Ethiopia and Rwanda, where we work closely with farmers to improve quality and support local communities.

What do speciality coffee beans taste like?

Speciality coffee beans have distinct and complex flavour profiles that are a result of the beans being grown under specific conditions and then carefully roasted. These beans often have notes of fruit, chocolate, and nuts, and can have varying levels of acidity and sweetness. The taste of speciality coffee beans can also vary depending on the origin, altitude, and processing method used. Overall, speciality coffee beans offer a rich and unique taste experience that sets them apart from regular coffee beans.

How do you process your coffee?

At Volcano Coffee Works, we carefully select and roast our ethically-sourced coffee beans to bring out their unique flavours. The beans we source are either washed, natural, or honey-processed, and each of these post-harvest processing methods bring out different characteristics in the coffee. Right after roasting, we hand-pack our beans into bags, ensuring the highest quality and freshness. We take great care in every step of the process to ensure that our customers get to enjoy the best tasting specialty coffee possible.

How do you roast your coffee?

At Volcano Coffee Works, we use the most energy efficient equipment on the market to carefully roast our speciality coffee beans. Each coffee bean is roasted to bring out its unique flavours and aromas. We pay close attention to the roasting process, adjusting temperature and roast time for each coffee to ensure that every batch is consistent and delicious. Our roasting process is a key factor in the exceptional taste and quality of our coffee.

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