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What is Maragogype coffee?

Have you heard of Maragogype coffee before?

Maragogype (Mara-go-heap-aye) is a rare varietal of coffee first discovered in Brazil in 1870, and now grown around Latin America.

Maragogype is relatively tall but low yielding variety of the coffee plant which produces extremely large coffee beans (often known as Elephant Beans), and equally extreme flavour potentials.

As a relatively porous bean, the flavour of Maragogype coffee varies depending on the characteristics of the soil where it grows. Some soils may produce a coffee with weak flavours while rich and fertile ground will produce the most exceptional cup.

Although some coffee critics have called the Maragogype one of the finest coffee known, many farmers are discouraged from replanting these coffee plants based on how dependent the quality of the coffee is on the their soil. What do you think of the flavour?

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