Meet The Team: Ed

Meet The Team: Ed

Independent coffee businesses are all about the people creating the product, their expertise, their passion for good coffee making a difference in the world. We're lucky to work with such people and boast proudly that our staff, suppliers and wholesale partners are industry leaders in their expertise and drive. 

In this series we're introducing you to the people who make Volcano Coffee Works tick. This time we're sitting down with Volcano's resident sourdough king, Head of Wholesale, Ed.

1 - What do you do for Volcano?

I'm Volcano's Head of Wholesale.

2 - Ok, what do you really do?

Tell everybody I meet how great our coffee is!

3 - How do you drink your coffee?

Flat white or filter please!

4 - What job did you do before this?

I sold green coffee to coffee roasters.

5 - What’s some of the best advice you’ve been given?

Things don't happen to you, they happen for you.

6 - Tell us something that annoys you?

When someone skips the track halfway through!

7 - Tell us something about you that may surprise us?

I once sang in a choir for a Qantas airline TV advert!

8 - Give us a favourite quote/ joke/ fact

Did you know France has 13 time zones? 

9 - Who would play your character in a film?

James Franco.

10 - What’s the number one guideline you try to live your life by?

Be more concerned with your character than your reputation.

Cheers Ed, we'll take a loaf of your famous wholemeal and rye next time you're in the kitchen!

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