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Inside the Roastery: Volcano Staff Working From Home

Our staff share the 5 key objects that are helping them most to adjust to working remotely at home. 

We're now entering our fourth month where the majority of the Volcano staff are still working from home and spending long periods at the desk in isolation. We've asked some of our team to share 5 objects that are defining this period of their lives and helping most to adjust to the new working lifestyle. 


Anna Fitzgerald - Head of Operations and Client Services

  1. A new bike - public transport is not an option nor is not having the freedom to move. 
  2. A jigsaw - this time doesn't kill itself.  
  3. Kindle - reading is ideal to switch out of work-mode
  4. The BBQ - the (warm weathered) weeks revolve around it
  5. Yoga Mat - health is wealth. 

Vasiliki Zotou - Graphic Designer

  1. Monograph notepad - write down everything there, literally the thing that keeps me sane
  2. Koh-I-Noor Pencil - to write with duh!
  3. Headphones - noise canceling so I can focus / listen to music loudly without bothering my flatmates
  4. Coffee - unlimited supply helps a lot
  5.  Huskee cup - Like using it even if we are not going anywhere, feels like I am still at the office

Michael Cleland - Head of Marketing 

  1. Pasta maker - Pasta is delicious and meditative and a work-out so I'm ticking all the boxes
  2. Skye Corewijn x Assembly Porcelain Cup - if you're going to drink bougie tea and coffee then please don't tell me you're drinking from a mug
  3. Portrait of A Lady - I do not recommend reading this a few pages at a time unless you like not following what you're reading.
  4. L'artisan Timbuku - my favourite of the many unnecessary fragrances I've bought during lockdown. 
  5. Bialetti Moka Pot - it's a morning ritual x 2 (sometimes x3)

Sonya Karlsson - Operations and Client Services

  1. Reverence Aromatique Hand Balm from Aesop - Lockdown dry skin is real. 
  2. Leksands Crisp bread - This is a lunchtime essential. Got to stay true to my Norwegian roots. 
  3. Royal Blue Moccamaster - A litre of coffee a day keeps the doctor away.
  4. Tiny JBL speaker - Blasting tunes no one in the roastery wanted to hear. Finally. 
  5. Vetiver, Cedarwood and Bergamot Aromatherapy candle - This smells like I'm in a spa!

Tom Delaney - Managing Director 



  1. My Volcano 'Chilly's' Water Bottle.
  2. A black sharpie 'borrowed' accidentally during my first interview to join Volcano. It's literally lasted until now.
  3. Green Havaianas that I bought years ago in Rio. They're knackered but comfortable when you don't have to move far. 
  4. The Chimp Paradox - re-read twice in the first few weeks to stop be going completely bonkers. 
  5. Post-it notes - they are literally everywhere.

Ed Yarnton - New Business Manager

  1. Comandante Coffee Grinder - this is getting a work out for my morning brews.
  2. Spanish vocabulary book - if not now then...
  3. Birkenstock sandals - comfort is key.
  4. Garmin Smartwatch
  5. Alan Watts - The Wisdom Of Insecurity. 

Emma Loisel - Char and Co-Founder

  1. Lamarzocco Linea mini ad Mazzer grinder.  If I can't go to the cafe then it's the next best thing.  
  2. Our cat - I never understood pets feeling trapped indoors all day...
  3. This view - thank god. 
  4. Smiths Sectric Wall Clock - I'm in New Zealand so doing a lot of maths on timezones for calls 
  5. Postcards - places to be and friends to keep in touch with. 

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