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How To Keep Your Coffee Fresh

Whether you enjoy making your coffee with an espresso machine, pour over or cafetiere, one thing is certain: freshness is key to a perfect cup. In this blog, we will offer you our best tips and tricks on how to keep your coffee as fresh as possible so and ensure that every cup is as delightful as the first.

So firstly, how long does coffee stay fresh? It is actually best to let your coffee rest for 10 days after the roast date before you use it, to let the flavours fully develop. You should then use your coffee within 2 months of purchase to ensure it tastes it’s best (you can look at the roast date on the bottom of our bags to check if it's still good to use). 

Buying the right amount:

It may seem simple but the best way to keep your coffee fresh is by buying the right amount at a time. While it may be tempting to stock up on your favourite beans, buying in excess will mean your coffee will go stale and lose its flavour much quicker. Buying only as much as you need will mean your coffee remains at its peak freshness. We recommend stocking up every 2-6 weeks depending on how much coffee you drink.

Don’t know how much coffee you need? Use our subscription builder to find out how much and how often you should have coffee delivered based on how many coffees you drink a day.

Grinding It Fresh

When coffee beans are ground, they immediately begin to release compounds that enhance their flavour profile so grinding your beans just before brewing means you’ll get a fresher and more flavourful cup of coffee. Whole coffee beans also have a much longer shelf life than pre-ground coffee as the bean’s outer layers protect them from oxidation and flavour loss so you can keep your coffee on your shelf for longer.

Embracing the ritual of grinding your beans fresh will not only improve the taste of your coffee but will help you create a better overall coffee-drinking experience, ensuring you savour every moment from bean to cup.

Looking for the best grinder? Check out our grinder guide to find the one that suits you.

Choosing the Right Storage Container

The flavour of your coffee not only comes from the beans themselves but also from how you store them. Coffee is extremely susceptible to light, air, moisture, and heat which makes your beans go stale and lose their flavour quicker. This means it is important to store your coffee correctly can protect it from the elements and keep it fresh. When choosing a container for your coffee, make sure that it is airtight to prevent your beans from oxidising as quickly. This is especially important for ground coffee as it has more exposure to oxygen. It also helps if the container is opaque so that your beans are protected from light exposure.

Looking for the right storage? Our stylish coffee tin is perfect for keeping your beans fresh and for added protection, use our coffee clips to seal your coffee bags.

When you have the perfect container, it’s time to find the ideal storage spot. Aim for a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight, heat or moisture such as a cupboard or pantry.

We hope this guide helps you enjoy our coffee at it’s best – freshly roasted and delicious. If you have any other queries about keeping your coffee fresh, please feel free to speak to our customer service team at orders@volcanocoffeeworks.com and they’ll be sure to help you out. 

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