Mmm... Time for a treat.  Home Compostable Coffee Pods subscription.


Mmm... Time for a treat. 100% home compostable Nespresso®-compatible coffee pods subscription

Tastes like: toffee sauce, almond butter, candied citrus
Origin: Ethiopia

Treats are a basic right.

This moreish Ethiopian knows all about that: it’s rich and oh so smooth. It’s as if toffee sauce teamed up with almond butter than candied citrus joined in. If that sounds indulgent, that’s because it is. It even has a 2-star Great Taste award (2019). 

This used to be called Reserve Rich & Sweet, it’s still our award-winning blend. Just in fully compostable pods with a cool new name and packaging. Pop these coffee pods in your home compost and they will disappear in just 180 days.

We believe in ethically traded coffee, working with partners all over the world who actively engage in promoting sustainability and community-based improvements.

These washed mixed heirloom coffee beans are from plants around the tiny village of Tirtira Goyo (in the Guji region of Ethiopia), and were produced by Gemede Dekama. The Guji region's rich and fertile red soils are perfect conditions for coffee plants, which thrive on the highland slopes.

The pods are compatible with Original Nespresso machines, Opal & Dualit capsule machines.

Keep running out of coffee? Set up an Nespresso compatible eco coffee pods subscription, and watch as the pods drop through your letterbox every month.

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