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People & Community

Our Mission Statement'We exist because everyone deserves a fair shot' 

Opportunity in this world, and in particular the coffee industry, is too often afforded to the few and denied the many. We believe everyone deserves a fair shot, and refuse to overlook the value in each individual and their ability to enact positive change. 

This is why people are at the heart of what we do. From our farmers at origin to our suppliers and to our team at the roastery; we believe in fairness and striving for better for people across every touch point of our business. 

We work together with farmers and only buy from those that understand their impact and support social projects in education, micro-financing and who promote flexible working practices allowing women to enter the workplace. 

Supplier Code of Conduct 

We have reviewed our suppliers and now actively only work with those that adhere to our values. We have a new supplier code of conduct which is sent to every new supplier, and this is public for anyone to see here

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