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COVID Support For Cafes and Restaurants

These are unprecedented times.

The hospitality industry of which we have been a proud servant for more than 10 years has ceased, albeit temporarily.

This immediate cessation owing to the speed of governmental response meant that this was almost impossible to have planned for.

We are honoured to be part of the speciality coffee community and the customers that this community serves, we feel it is our responsibility to help where we can to ensure we return to normal service as quickly and as safely as possible.

This is an issue that has deeper ramifications than just our own businesses or local communities, this interruption of trade will affect deeply our suppliers and ultimately production of coffee in areas of the world that rely on coffee for their income.

We want our customers, our suppliers and our competitors to get through this, however long it takes, so we can get back to doing what we do best, serving our customers with the highest quality coffee to help support themselves during these turbulent times and to support the wider coffee industry.

The team at Volcano, have been engaging with everyone to hear their concerns. We have been busy investigating what help can be garnered and from whom. We feel that it is only proper to share our findings and experiences with you all and to offer you any support in the short term, that may help us all in the long run.

We believe everyone deserves a fair shot.

Tom Delaney 
Managing Director - Volcano Coffee Works


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