Las Brumas - El Salvador - Ground

BRU200F £8.00

Tastes like: Apples, Stone Fruit, Hazelnuts

  • Filter grind suitable for: Cafetiere, Chemex, Filter, Aeropress, V60.

Origin: El Salvador
Region: Cordillera Del Balsamo 
Altitude: 1275 masl
Process: Semi-washed 

Our single-origin El Salvador coffee tastes fresh and bright with flavours like ripe peaches and baked green apples. There are nutty notes too, and a lingering taste of sweet, rich dates.

This unique flavour is achieved on Aldo Parducci’s family-run farm, where shade-grown coffee is hand-picked over 80 hectares. Las Brumas lies in the mountainous Cordillera Del Balsamo region, and Aldo’s goal is to maintain his sustainable and eco-friendly business so that it can be inherited by his children.

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