Las Brumas - El Salvador

Las Brumas - El Salvador
This exceptional coffee from the Aldo Parducci owned and operated farms is a fantastic example of 100% shade grown and hand picked coffee processing.

Tastes like: Clean lime acidity. Ripe peaches. Clove.

Farm: Las Brumas
Process: Semi Washed
Region: Cordillera Del Balsamo

Varietal: Bourbon - Pacas - Sarchimor
Altitude: 1275m asl

Quantity Guide: For a month's supply of coffee for one person, we recommend 3 x 250g bags.  If you want a little extra for friends and family, then 1kg should be just the ticket.  For two people drinking coffee every day, double your monthly order or get it every two weeks.

You can also mix it up as you like, if you subscribe to different coffees in the same subscription, we will send these out in one pack.