Diego Robelo - Costa Rica (Carbon Neutral farm)

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Tastes like: Lemon, Maple Syrup, Vanilla

Origin: Costa Rica
Turrialba, Costa Rica
1200 masl
Anaerobic fermentation 
Varietal: F1 Hybrid

The Aquiares farm was founded in 1890 but its status as pioneers of sustainability really began to accelerate when Diego Robelo’s father, Alfonso, took over operations in the 1990s. Alfonso saw that workers struggled for security without their own homes and responded by building homes for nearly 200 workers to own and live in. This was just the first of many sustainability oriented innovations.

These days the farm is run by Alfonso’s son Diego who has continued to challenge the status quo and seek to constantly improve. The farm has become renowned throughout central American coffee farming as trailblazers and early adopters for everything from experimental new varietals (such as the F1 Hybrid featured this month) to moving to complete carbon neutrality in its operations. Diego also shares portions of the farm with environmental scientists for world leading research into developing new agroecological practices.

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