Crisis Coffee Blend + The London Honey Co. Salisbury Honey


Each Bundle Contains:

  • 1 x 200g Crisis Charity Blend (30% Uganda, 70% Brazil)
  • 1 x 250g London Honey Co. Salisbury Honey 

15% of the sale from every bundle is donated directly to Crisis Charity UK. 

Why we chose this pairing:

This is a lighter slightly floral style of  100% natural honey.  The Ugandan component of our Crisis blend has some subtle notes of deep fruit like blackcurrant that are enhanced by the additional sweetness and floral notes of the Salisbury Honey. 

The London Honey Co. 

In 1999 Steve Benbow installed Honeybees on the roof of his flat in Tower Bridge and thus pioneered urban beekeeping in the heart of our nations's capital. The business grew and Steve's passion attracted others as the London Honey Co. expanded to not only other rooftops such as Fortnum & Mason and The Tate galleries but to draw on the rich and diverse rural landscapes around the UK.

This passion for innovation and craft resonates deeply with us and our own story with founder, Kurt Stewart, while the appreciation for origin and clear expression of a time and place is something we value above all else in the taste of our range of coffees too!