Our specialty filter coffee offering is perfect for those, who want to offer their customers a premium, small batch roasted coffee, without having to invest in espresso equipment.

Character in your cup

We invest untold time and shared energy into showing people the myriad of characteristics found in specialty coffee.

Every origin of bean carries its own unique qualities. Much like grapes, it can be identified by its terroir; the sun exposure and altitude impart their subtle characteristics into the fruit of the coffee tree, as much the varietal and processing.

In roasting coffee we build layers of flavour, working with our green beans, sometimes pushing or manipulating the properties, to achieve the desired balance of sweetness, acidity, body and flavour in the cup.

Why filter coffee?

Some establishments may find it more appropriate to offer filter coffee.

The far more gentle brewing methods of coffee preparation, lend themselves perfectly to appreciating the delicate nuances to be discovered in coffees from a ‘single origin’.

  • It can be easier to prepare a good quality filter brew - it has more margin for error than espresso.
  • The cost of required brewing equipment is also vastly reduced, when compared to an espresso station - the biggest investment is a suitable coffee grinder. 

Everyone loves a good story

Our evolving library of Single Origin coffees carries with each of them a unique story or provenance, that the coffee aficionado, and increasingly, general public would be delighted to hear about.

Brewing methods

Volcano can educate your staff in the principles of various filter coffee methods; those guidelines are equally important in filter coffee as espresso though somewhat easier to follow and refer to.

Plunger brewing method

The Plunger (Cafetiere / French Press)

A perfect option for brewing one to six cups in only four minutes and can be served directly to the table. All equipment is easily cleaned and can be stored out of sight.

Pour over brewing method

The Pour Over

Produces a delicate, clean cup of coffee through filter paper, one, two, six or eight cups at time. There is theatrical aspect to preparing pour-overs that captivates and shows they’re in the company of fellow coffee appreciators. Space for a ‘brew bar’ is best positioned in view, as a permanent feature to your establishment.

Bulk brewing

Bulk Brew

An equally delicate coffee, giving a clean cup of rich and deep, or light and bright coffees - with the added versatility to store pre-brewed coffee in thermos dispensers for four to five hours, providing five to fifty specialty cups instantly. With various options in professional brew equipment available, ranging in brewing capacities of 1, 2 and 5 litre.

To find out more, see our home brewing guides.


The Roastery

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The quickest way to enjoy coffee. Complex and concentrated.


French Press

A rich and consistent brew method. Full and accurate.



An intense and strong traditionalist brew by stove.

Pour over

Pour over

The most versatile way to brew. Light and clear or intense and full-bodied.