At Volcano, taste is at the forefront of every decision made in the Roastery. Needless to say, we taste a lot of coffee, and love to do it. But how does this help us source our coffee? And why so much tasting?

Firstly, coffee is a seasonal crop, and each origin harvests at different times of the year. As a gourmet small batch roastery, we are at an advantage to make use of these crops as they are harvested, much like a chef using the freshest ingredients available. By attending tastings with our suppliers, we are able to establish an understanding of flavours available to use in the Roastery as every season comes.

Guatemala cherriesWe use 100% Arabica beans of the highest grades. All are ethically sourced with traceable provenance.  Most of our beans come from small farms so they tend to be organic even if the farmers are not certified as such.

Traceability ensures that we are dealing with a transparent coffee supplier, with direct connection to the farmer, and the land. This allows for two way communication assisting farmers to improve crops, whilst delivering information about the coffee’s environment and processing to us,as well as a story about the farmers themselves. Not to mention ensuring that a more-than-fairtrade price is paid and received by the farms we buy from.

Once we have selected our favoured beans, we set to work in the Roastery, manipulating our roast profiles to alter the flavour outcomes. Through this process we work with the coffee to optimise the flavour potential of the green coffee, and see what different roast profiles mean to the flavour of the coffee in the cup. After more tasting, and more roasting, and more tasting, we are ready to present our newly roasted seasonal blend, or single origin coffee to you. Harvested, processed, sourced, shipped, sampled, roasted, tasted, roasted again, tasted again, rubber stamped, roasted, bagged, and sealed; just for you.


Guatemala volcano


Our specialty coffee comes from all corners of the earth.