Our roasting process is very individual. Each coffee is roasted in small batches to an individually tailored roasting profile.


How we roast

The process of bringing green coffee to the form we know commonly as coffee, a consumable food product - is called roasting and is a duty of a coffee roaster.

We are a small batch roastery, which allows Kurt and Joe Mac to precisely control roast profiles and manipulate variables to achieve the best flavour. The temperature and time of each roast are carefully monitored and recorded to ensure consistency between roasts. Before beans leave our roastery, extensive quality control is performed to make sure, you will love every cup.

Our green beans are drum roasted over an open gas flame which is controlled manually by our true artisan roasters. This control is specifically set by Kurt or Joe Mac for each roast, to ensure the beans develop at a perfect rate. Lazy roasting can result in a flat tasting bean, and a speedy roast can result in burnt or ashy tasting beans. Some people refer to it as the Goldilocks zone, some people refer to it as fussy, we refer to it as delicious.



The dawning of 2014, saw us welcoming and test running our 'new' Vittoria 30 kg roaster. New to us, that is. We first came across this beauty on a trip to Trieste in Northern Italy, just after the ‘Host’ (Hospitality) Expo in Milan in October 2013.

It was love at first sight, encompassing an 'industrial sexiness' and offering the hands-on functionality that we were looking for. It would let us to almost treble our production capacity, and upscale our existing roasting results without compromising our ‘small batch’ ethos.

Our Vittoria, born in Bologna circa 1950, was installed in a brand new 'Torrefazione' (roast factory), where it remained, loyally and solidly producing fresh roasted coffee beans until October 2013. It was from this original owner that we took possession of the beast, and have lovingly re-commissioned in our own 'Torrefazione'.


Other Roasters

In our toolkit there is also a small Toper sample roaster for constant bean tastings and a one-of-a-kind reconditioned rustic Mexican origin roaster, rescued from dereliction in a haunted warehouse. The motors were converted to 240V from very odd 127V Mexican Siemens, the drum bearings replaced, entire airflow and green bean hopper designed and constructed and ducting system developed.